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Nightmares with Sleep Paralysis

Okay,so right from the title its clear that this blog is about Sleep Paralysis and Nightmares.

But before jumping in the blog let me
first give a description of my present situation.

Its 3Am and i tried sleeping at 1:36Am.

And now I am sitting on the sofa wide awake in a messed condition and fucked up mind. Why?

Because i encountered another sleep paralysis with a haunting nightmarish dream.

A dream that should never come to reality,saw someone really close to me trying to touch me and i ended up slapping that person.

The moment he left my house cursing me and my mom i suddenly saw some people on the rooftop screaming and having shocked faces,when i ran out…

I saw him on his knees having his smashed head on his lap and it was blood all over.

I know its silly to share a dream just like that but I’m speechless I’ve no suitable words to portray my situation or that bloody dream.

So here i am still trying to digest the whole nightmare thingy and on the top of that I encountered a sleep paralysis.

So anyone who had such experiences do feel free to share on the comment section. (Trust me I understand)

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Life is a Train Journey.

Life is a train journey,

Have you ever wondered how life is nothing but a train journey? Like many people in our lives who leave us like each passing stations  or how we love our train journeys only with the people we love and want to reach our destination with them.

We meet so many new people,experience new things.Some journeys are meaningful but short whereas some train journeys are long and boring.And just like our life we think avoiding eye contacts with the weirdos can help us ignore them just as we try to avoid and ignore our problems in our lives.

Each journey is meaningful and precious.And all we have to do is be careful and enjoy the journey.

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“The City of Joy- Kolkata”

The city of joy,

Kolkata rains are always magical,the dark clouds make me think how things can change within a few moments. From a clear sky to grey and then to pitch black colours,they witnesses everything.

Lovers getting drenched in love,kids splashing in puddles,

boys playing football and the tea stalls serving “Bharer Cha” to the intellectual uncles of society…

And not to forget the special menu in lunch that Kolkata rain brings,fron luchi, alurdam in breakfast to “Khichuri” and “Hilsa”… in lunch,

Sitting on the bench of the tea stall I look outside, the hot cup of “cha” (tea) takes away all my stress and I enjoy the weather.It makes me think that how we are all running in a invisible race and trying to win it,but who is the ultimate winner?

I don’t know but I think we win the race when we take a break and value our presence…

such rainy days bring so many things but we often fail to realize it.

So take a break and this rainy season enjoy your life.